Sunday, 5 April 2020

RTDG technology algorithms vacuum polarization chamber (electricity)

In quantum field theory, and specifically quantum electrodynamics, vacuum polarization describes a process in which a background electromagnetic field produces virtual electron–positron pairs that change the distribution of charges and currents that generated the original electromagnetic field. It is also sometimes referred to as the self-energy of the gauge boson (photon)

RTDG technology chamber for vacuum polarization

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

RTDG Technology description

There are wave-particle properties of light. On photoreal visualization, we see only wave properties of light, photo from CAD scripts render, and where are particle properties? Similar as for example thermal analysis, but other, by simulating physics of light by standard rendering software of n- enlargement bounces could envoy particle properties, as from glass heart object get similar shape as Calabi Yau variety assumption. 
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By simulation physics of light by rendering software as standard render as of n-enlargement bounces from glass heart object get similar shape as Calabi Yau variety assumption. Bottom view we could see similar shape as Klein bottle, side view we could see similar shapes as cut of Möbius band and top view we could see black gap. This new method calling RTDG technology could help String theory with question of using how many dimensions.