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RTDG Technology description

In quantum field theory, and specifically quantum electrodynamics, vacuum polarization describes a process in which a background electromagnetic field produces virtual electron–positron pairs that change the distribution of charges and currents that generated the original electromagnetic field. It is also sometimes referred to as the self-energy of the gauge boson (photon) Scientists are dealing for two decades of vacuum polarization get “ free energy “ but there is not algorithms, so called RTDG technology could break through and get from light “discoteque” into vacuum get electricity, mapping of photons into electron-positron pairs for producing electricity of algorithms. Could you imagine renewable energy resource independent of wind, solar, hydro etc. based on vacuum polarization. After twenty years of free time beside study, hard work got algorithms so called RTDG technology looking for investor of try that vacuum polarization chamber one million euro project. Goal is portable ene

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RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal tmt v.3

RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal top view

RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal bottom view

RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal

RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal

RTDG pass Mandelbulb fractal

Graph RTDG HCA top view somebody see text assumption

Graph RTDG HCA bottom view somebody see text assumption

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